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Reality of Memory

It happened more frequently when I was a kid; the cold. Many mornings were spent stomping through the grass, enjoying the crunch of a frosted lawn. My kids haven’t experienced that, the cold. Tales of this cold snap are being formulated and experienced; these events are a big deal here in Florida. Depending on who your listening to, it’s been 8 to 10 years since we’ve experienced temperatures this low, so it’s a big deal.

Last time a rusted out van acted as shelter; 10 years later, the van is gone; traded for a pauper home.

You know the guy? No matter how cold it gets, he’ll insistently say; “it’s not cold, this isn’t cold.” Regardless of the chilly breeze hitting the guy in the face, he will bark at reality until he becomes horse.

“It’s not cold!”

Expect reports of sink holes in the near future; some believe the holes are caused by the Frigidaire. Strawberries do love the chill, but not to much chill; an effective way to protect crops from the wind during freeze events is to blanket the plants in water…water from the ground. Stay tuned for the sink hole stories.

Gloves, “good” gloves are not cheap; except the cheap ones, their the best.