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Hello digital traveler,

You haven’t told me your name yet, and if you have; I do apologize that this Disclaimer Notice isn’t tailored to you by inserting your name, date of birth, height, weight, blood type, answering affirmatively allowing DigiAgit ownership of user and any and all offspring for the purposes of awesomeness, name of your first pet, the city of your birth, mothers maiden name, and the email address you actually use.

Thank you for your interest and visit to DigiAgit | Digital Agitation; if you have any questions during your time with DigiAgit; please ask and a response will be returned in a *timely manner. My name is Mikhael Ro, as the owner and operator of this plot of digital space; I welcome you to DigiAgit and encourage you to view the Featured Streams and help spread the message generously.

*timely manner – when I get around to it.

Every effort will be made to respond to Supporter and Press questions, comments, concerns, praise, how do I’s, how did you’s, and what nots; usually on a first come, first serve basis and most likely posted on the publicly available website of digiagit.wordpress.com

DigiAgit | Digital Agitation is independently owned and maintained by Mikhael Ro; the creator of While We Waited, On Park Property, A Something From…, Fort Tampa, RoRoRyRe and a bunch of other stuff.

The website DigiAgit | Digital Agitation by Mikhael Ro
is currently organized with the use of Featured Streams, the Components Record, Reference, and Foundation.

Featured Streams

  • On Park Property in Walt Disney World.
  • Fort Tampa, a place.
  • RoRoRyRe
  • ? The future has yet to arrive.

The Components Record

  • A record of the elements entered creating the larger whole.


  • About, Contact, Data, and Information.


  • Independence begins with a strong foundation.

Disclaiming things…

The views expressed on DigiAgit are those of Mikhael Ro a native Floridian, father, husband, and son. As acting Enlightenment Ambassador at Large for all things DigiAgit, Mikhael Ro is establishing connections while spreading the message of the Word.

DigiAgit is not maintained by The Walt Disney Company and does not officially speak for or act on behalf of The Walt Disney Company or any business group working under The Walt Disney Company umbrella. All Disney resorts, parks, lands, attractions, shops, shows, event names, characters, etc are registered trademarks of The Walt Disney Company. All efforts will be made to give accurate credit when DigiAgit publishes non original material. If you believe material on DigiAgit has been published without accurate credit and sourcing please notify me, Mikhael Ro; at once, so that together we may resolve any issues. Disney owns a lot and Mikhael Ro and DigiAgit is in no way attempting to infringe upon the rights of The Walt Disney Company.

That would be dumb.

DigiAgit and Mikhael Ro understand that Fort Tampa only exists on this digital space and in No Way should any of it be taken seriously as real or even correct. Efforts will be made to keep Fort Tampa honest, obvious, and growing until reality is forced to accept this place called Fort Tampa. Not a word of Fort Tampa is real no matter the similarities to real people, places, and /or events. Fort Tampa is for entertainment purposes only…unless a large group of Humans decide to take the ideas presented in this completely fictional place and make them real…then the Disclaimer Notice will be updated and we will move forward from that point. DigiAgit | Digital Agitation, Mikhael Ro, and Fort Tampa do not speak for or on behalf of The City of Tampa, Hillsborough County Anything, or any group or organization within the state of Florida or outside of Florida’s borders. Independent and Fictitious.

The information on this website is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Regardless of how persuasive anything seen on this website is, the effects of this website are on you. Don’t follow any advice given, don’t do anything the words tell you to do, it is all on you because Mikhael Ro has put this little bit in; saying the website DigiAgit is not liable for the actions of visitors and users to the website. This is a disclaimer, so you are aware of stuff, swim at your own risk, no lifeguard on duty, if anything happens, not my fault. Seriously, DigiAgit and Mikhael Ro DON’T want to hear about it; so go ahead and send praise, treasure, and resources generously, but if even one little sliver of information is acted upon and turns out to be wrong or turns out to get YOU in trouble… YOU can keep that to yourself. :o)

Your presence on DigiAgit is your acknowledgement and acceptance of the terms, conditions, rules, policies, the may applies, the code of conduct, and other jargon to reduce the liability of this website. Nothing to sign, don’t even need to verbally agree. You are here, you are engaging, you obviously get it; everyone else, enjoy your time with other things. If you don’t like it, speak up and you will be heard, but then go away because any and all requests may fall on deaf ears…but then again; you never know, maybe not.

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by Mikhael Ro

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