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Belonging an Importance

Where do I belong?

A simple question with a simple answer, that stops most of us in our tracks.

The question is an amazing chameleon, shifting to fit the questionnaire, allowing itself to be either profound or simplistic. During a formal dinner, or an important meeting, a hurricane, a vacation, and even when deciding on one’s place in the universe; the question where do I belong is there.

Sometimes you’ll ask yourself where your place is;

sometimes you’ll be awestruck

and other times you’ll be running late.


Laughing to a Safe Place

So… … … I laugh at your sabotage, your insistent self serving obstruction, your willingness to destroy; I laugh at you. The ineptitude displayed during your campaign of… … well whatever you call what you’ve been doing is astounding and would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so permanent. The opportunities missed, the forced mistakes, and the robot like attention to “being human” is concerning to say the least; yet, I laugh at you. It’s required, the laughing; the alternative is a frustrating death sentence. A caricature of a character; a character who has no soul, because the character is make believe… made up.

I laugh at you; it’s really more of a smirk… to myself.

A Rip in Fabric

A hole existing where a hole has no place; beginning this moments existential crisis. At a different time, it was said; “another will not replace you.” The words were spoken; now at this point the lie is to one’s self or coexistence with the hole is necessary. Necessary or not, this hole is caving in and an exit strategy must be implemented.

It’s not that big of a hole and it’s far easier dealing with the hole than no hole at all. Even if it is a bottomless pit of compromised ideals with broken promises, shattered dreams, and mutalated flesh; it’s still a hole.

Apparently we all must have holes for some reason. Searching for a better hole, creating a better hole.

Morphed Perspectives

The landscape is shifting and the ground that creates our shared reality is far from settling. We live in turbulent times; all times have been turbulent, the entire history of us is turbulent, we would get bored with a calm journey and we really do relish those turbulent moments.

Hold on to those you love a little longer; what’s the worst that could happen?

Self Imposed Crisis of Idintety Part Again

me dumb reasofor so

for some dumb reason

for some dumb reason

for some dumb reason




a Google+ account has been estblished; the link is provided here.

LINK TO G+ >>> DigiAgit on Google+


twitter also had an account activated; the link is provided here>

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the machine could go no further, tramatic stress caused a break in the brain resulting in looping at boot. scheduling, product releases, founding and a touch of lazyness play their respective parts in the drawn out technodrama. the days of nexus are surely missed a glourous time before they locked away the power supply; this transittion period stinks.

for the record; the LG G4 was an unrelenting workhorse flawed by shotty sodering. a replacement is being researched, but the findings are disappointing at best and timing couldn’t have been worse.

before the tools were lost to history, space began to become an increasingly pointed topic. the belief that the pocket sized personal computer is the most productive tool in existace is still alive and kicking, but without said productivity gizmo. . . seriously this stinks. the decision to abandon non mobile computer systems well over ten years ago is becoming glaringly obvious as the correct course of action. as the eyes stare blankly at the confused mess that is Microsoft’s offering of an operating system. 10 is better than 8; but Windows is awash with horrible copies and unorginal ideas. Microsoft just be you, not android, not apple, not windows 10. the windows pc is the most versitial piece of technology most people have ever used, it works with just about everything; works with, doesn’t attempt (badly) at doing what others are doing, works with. get out of the way microsoft, be you; let yourself be you. . . not this . . .it’s sad really.



so space, a space to let ideas fester and boil is needed.

Sketch space
creative space

Not going to fabricate a thing, WordPress on a laptop is pretty spectacularly awesome; thanks Win10. a good chance to wipe clean and focus without the distractions. so with most things on the way back burner we begin a new, until September.



Any Everything

It’s safe to say; “back in my day,” because the reality We have created for ourselves is quite removed from the realities that came before. Our present day reality rhymes with events of our past, but are unique to our time. We have the ability to create anything; the issue being anything in all its anythingness is pretty vague. You can be anything when you grow up; did you know that anything includes the practice of Equine Dentistry? You could be a horse dentist, but only if you knew horses needed dentists. Not a single person said “you can make millions, playing videogames,” until someone started making millions of dollars playing video games. Anything can be anything, and your anything is vastly different than someone else’s anything. 

Good luck finding your anything, it’s everything.