Planted a Memory Forrest, Only to Have it Burn Down.

Manipulate Mind Matter Mindfully

Do you recall your first memory; are you sure that nugget of filed away brain matter is your own? Could what you believe to be true actually be a figment of someone else’s imagination? At no point in the life; at no point in the memorable life of this guy can anything be recalled with great certainty before the age Kindergarten would have been attended and only one memory exists. Beyond that a gap then picks up somewhere along in first grade.

Around 50% of the remaining population are prone to being impressionable, curtailing any progress made. Some forces are far to embedded into the daily activities of those still unaware; breaking down these shackles requires focus on long and short term strategies. Faith is required daily; pick and stick, but be bendable.

Having made it this far, it can be assumed you are strong willed and not easily persuaded; which is just one more reason why your arrival is being celebrated. While this community waited, hope was not lost, while this community waits, hope will not surrender.

Remember to hydrate and keep up with the walking.


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