Remember, Never Forget

It’s that day again. It always seems to creep up unnoticed; school is well underway in our neck of the woods, a special birthday always has us occupied this time of year, Summer changes to Fall, people drive cars on roads…I don’t know why this day is always a surprise once it has arrived.

Every year, 13 times now we Remember, we Remember that 14 years ago on the 11th day of September in the year 2001, Commercial Aircraft were used as missiles; striking The Pentagon in Washington DC, both towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, and a forth Aircraft crashed in a field outside of Stoneycreek Township, Pennsylvania.

We Remember that 14 years ago we began a journey down a road with no u-turns. We were thirsty for vengeance, they were thirsty for war, an insatiable appetite for war that 14 years later has not been satisfied.

Never Forget,
I ask, “How could we forget?”

How could we forget the unforgettable, how could we forget this life we have decided to create for ourselves?

The horrific actions of a few, changed the realities of an entire planets population.

How could we forget that?

How could we remember anything else?


It happened.
While we waited.


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