DigiAgit Update

After naming Mikhael Ro the DigiAgit Enlightenment Ambassador, a few changes have begun to take shape while some of the changes have already chosen a color.


The menu used for navigation, to the left of the screen on a desktop or the pull down menu at the top for mobile devices has been altered. Some links are gone, new links are live, some links will get you back to a place you think you can hide.

Do you know what Link(s) have vanished from the menu?

House cleaning and simplification is good for the soul, we will get it right unless left is the way to go.


Maintenance is required or we can’t grow, if we don’t grow we die or did we already suicide.

More to come at a sporadic pace, bookmark or follow and do it with haste, quick before you start making sense of it all.

DigiAgit is beginning to feel like home and your going to enjoy the view. Other changes will surely transpire, some on the daily while other days not.

Let’s have fun.

DA | DigiAgit | Digital Agitation
by Mikhael Ro
LIVE December 2015

Created & overseen by Mikhael Ro Enlightenment Ambassador

Support the efforts of Mikhael Ro with
PayPal or Patreon.
Together we will do more, together.

It happened.
While we waited.


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