Ugly Utility Pole of Boredom

It has been mentioned by me once or twice before about the justified position of “opposing the haphazard placement of LIVE wires above our heads.” Criss crossing every which way, over head and through trees; there is no escaping the buzzing Buzz of infrastructure overhanging.


An uneventful evening indeed; though it allowed a moment to switch the camera on the LG G4 over to the manual mode and push and slide setting buttons up and down.


The LG G4 makes quickly adjusting setting possible because you see the change on the screen.
Stationary photography features within a simplistic environment offered to anyone without the baggage of photography. The G4 has a 16 megapixel camera and this thing makes phone calls.


The lines, cables, and wires should be buried, they clutter up the sky; where we should be staring.


The image above ↑is a crop from the image below ↓.


↓30 second shutter ↓


↑ Yes, actual photo above. ↑


Waiting, waiting only on the clock.
What a waste of time.
Self imposed Boredom employed.
A better way, a better day
with the tomorrow that never comes this way.


Created & Published by Mikhael Ro

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It happened.
While we waited.


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