Put Off Long Enough

Hey I had that. Oh, I remember those. Yeah, I saw one of those once. Occasionally something like that will be followed up with,

I still have it, in the original box.

I remember seeing an ad in a magazine for a Gold platted NeoGeo during the time of Nintendo, but never had anything that extravagant.

Then the internet goes out, which is pretty horrible timing as the desktop was to be fired up for some much needed big screen time. “working on the outage” says the nearly robotic script delivery human.

dial up was never this sparratic.

All of this of course, doesn’t alter to much except for the use of the desktop, which is OK. Maybe that time really has past. Simply because the desktop is the better tool does not guarantee its success.

This is a better time than never so lets stop putting this off and get on with it…

Farewell Google+,

Being the best at something doesn’t necessarily translate into success.

Bubbles come and go, it’s too bad this 1 popped so soon, it could have been a hell of a show.

•When you don’t know what you are…

Google+ is tumblr for old people.

•When you don’t know where you are going…

Google+ could have been the first semi autonomous blogging platform, with a handy on/off switch for the fully Automatic Blogging Auto Awesomeness experience.

•When you won’t admit your age…

Google as a hole is going through some changes and in the timeline of things, this is one of those middle of life moments.

•When, your the best; isn’t good enough.

It happens a lot; VHS won out over Beta Max, Edison won out over Tesla, Reality TV won out over everything, Pluto may still win out over those mean men that voted that one time in that place.

Google+ is nearly the best platform for sending out various types of content with lightning speed. Simple, easy to use, with demanding words to “Write something…” on a nearly blank screen. Polls, Animation, Movies, Stories, Text, Links, Albums, Collections, Pages, Community Pages, little smiling faces or sad faces, birthday reminders, limitless space and possibilities.

Always compared to Facebook, but that is an inaccurate comparison. Facebook is compared to The Phone Book. Google+ is more like tumblr and with simple shifts G+ could be sharing space with WordPress.

If any future plans of taking on the Internet exist it could be done with Google+, even without a name change and rebranding.

BBS = G+ I ♥ BBS

There are some limitations to the platform of G Plus.

Alternating between songs and I want to share both within the same post and I want them both to look the same; not one gets a photo while the second link gets the boring old text link. Sad face.

See one there and then that one there.

So we have that, Google+ refuses to treat all links equally. That is fixable. We can make good on doing good.

Google and the use of Google+ have the potential still to change the World. Believe.

I have enjoyed my time with Google+ and it is truly a favorite.

The conclusion hasn’t even been coded yet, so no ASSumptions are being made. Simply saying goodbye to something that is in flux, on the other side we might all be ducks.

Which would be weird.


Wacky wacky ducks.


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It happened. While we waited.


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