LG G4; a Device that Can Be Used

Just over two months with the Lg G4 (model identifier LG-H811) and the desktop, once the go to workhorse; sits destitute in the corner. Replaced, mostly.

After purchasing the G4 mobile computing device a decision was made to turn off the desktop and keep it off for as long as possible. Several weeks have passed and that big ole desktop tower sits dusty and neglected, deprived of electricity, deprived of interaction.

The LG G4 is an excellent PC that fits in your pocket; the Tower does not travel well. The G4 is a handheld personal computer plus it makes and takes these things called “Phone Calls” crazy thing that allows two people to communicate with one another. Coming from the LG Nexus 4 the G4 is a perfect successor for the space in my pocket. Not a single time have the words been screamed,

“I want my vanilla Android experience!”

The reason is simple, Customization.

The Android operating system is highly customizable and the Lg G4 takes full advantage of the Android OS, offering toggles, switches, and setting adjustments on just about everything.

Why was the Lg G4 chosen, battery.


So once upon a time batteries popped off the back of phones, then they didn’t. One by one removable batteries dropped as an available feature from phone after phone.

The Lg G4 is a unicorn.

One of the few remaining devices to feature the ability to actually use the device. The Lg G4 being used right now receives a fresh battery about every 9-10 hours with always on, heavy use. There have been a few occasions when a battery has lasted 17 hours with a little less than moderate use.

9 hours of use on a charge.

Maybe another device gets an extra hour, or possible more, but that device will need to be changed soon, either by being tied to a power cord or by sitting the device down and wirelessly charging, while you go do something else, without your pocket computer.

Once the Lg G4 needs a charge,threats of a shutdown overwhelm the screen.


Power down the Lg G4. Remove the three components of the Otterbox case, which adds so much girth, weight, size to this amazing little device. Then remove the back battery cover off of the device.

I’ve seen reports stating that it is difficult to remove the back cover of the Lg G4.

I say, you’re doing it wrong. The first time was harder than the last. It just kinda pops off, no tools required;

I like the posts that include comments about the body of the phone. This Lg G4 has a plastic like back cover that is easy to remove, granting access to the removable battery, the microsd card, and the sim card. The back cover is replaced snugly and quickly with a few snaps.

While the Lg G4 lays in this vulnerable caseless state, it is easy on the eyes and the hands, but ridiculous day dreams of life without a case must be set aside for the longevity of use. The LG G4 must be protected, the Otterbox does that by enveloping the device in a rubberized force of…rubber and plastic.

Has the desktop replacement finally come to market after so many years of suggesting there was such a thing? Kinda. Just over 60 days the desktop was replaced by the LG G4 and after two months; returning to the desktop is refreshing and a little overwhelming.

DigiAgit will be going live in December 2015!

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It happened. While we waited.


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