From Mags to Millionaires

Flyers posted before the first ever video game competition read;

“The first ‘Intergalactic spacewar Olympics will be held here, Wednesday 19 October, 1972. First prize will be a year’s subscription to “Rolling Stone”. The gala event will be reported by Stone Sports reporter Stewart Brand & photographed by Annie Liebowitz. Free Beer!”

First prize will be a year’s subscription to “Rolling Stone”.

Fast forward to 2015 and the recent International DOTA 2 Championship in Seattle where athletes compete for over $18 million in prize money and where first place walked away with over $6.2 million in winnings.

Oh how things have changed in 40 years. At one time hobbiest and amateurs made up the field of players, but those humble beginnings have made way for Sponsorship, Competition, Business, Professional Athletes and a whole heap of money.

The future looks bright for the gaming industry and the rock stars that have created lucrative annual incomes on the shoulders of those that have come before.

Video games as well as the ever expanding culture and ecosystem that accompanies those games are redefining our world one game at a time.

From a prize of a magazine subscription at the first gaming competition to the newly created Millionaires leaving DOTA 2; video games and the people that play them have come a long way.

DigiAgit will be launching in December of this year, 2015.

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It happened. While we waited.


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