Digital Beginnings from the Beginning

On the sixth day of December in the year two thousand and fourteen; the Father of Video Games, Ralph H. Baer died at the age of 92.

After inventing the Brown Box, the first home digital video game console and licensing the concept to Magnavox, the World would be forever changed although it took some time for the World to take notice.

The first of the first generation video game consoles offered was the Magnavox Odyssey in 1972. A few other brands; including Atari make their initial video game console offering during this birth of the video game industry.

43 years and 8 Generations later the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One are what has been done to Baer’s Brown Box and each are creating the future one game at a time.

DigiAgit will be launching in December of this year, 2015. Platform is being decided, but all systems seem a go with the PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One.

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It happened, while we waited.


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