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Irma Over Tampa

We, my wife and her mother, the two boys, and I are in Tampa, Florida, where we live; Hurricane Irma may change this. We are not in an evacuation zone and do not plan on leaving before the storm. However. At current track, the eye wall of Hurricane Irma is forecasted to come directly over the house.

Should be interesting to say the least.

This will be the last post to DigiAgit until after the Irma event.

All activity will be on Twitter @digiagit follow along if you like. Good luck, be safe, pay attention, and we will all be ok. More than likely.

Irma, Irma, Irma

Hurricane Irma has already changed the world, now it’s on a course to do it again.

We have never seen anything like Hurricane Irma before and because this is a first for all of us; we get to share this together.

In EVER is Hurricane Irma’s motto.

Be safe, seriously… take care… this is a Rick level event.

Hurricane Irma traveled through the islands of the Caribbean flashing out warnings of impeding doom for mainland USA. While the island of Barbuda was hit with a nuclear size weather event, we prepared for the unknown.

As I type this out; the island of Barbuda is, well what is left is preparing for a Category 4 storm named Hurricane Jose. Irma wiped Barbuda clean, early reports are 80% of the island is damaged and yet one more storm looms near.

We have spent countless hours preparing, evacuating, and worrying. The time has come, regardless of path, strength, or high pressure systems to the north; it is time.

Good luck. Hopefully with any luck you’ll get to tell the story of your experience with the most ever hurricane, Hurricane Irma.

I know I will.

Leaving ALL commentary until after the fact. I’ll gloat about being right later.

Belonging an Importance

Where do I belong?

A simple question with a simple answer, that stops most of us in our tracks.

The question is an amazing chameleon, shifting to fit the questionnaire, allowing itself to be either profound or simplistic. During a formal dinner, or an important meeting, a hurricane, a vacation, and even when deciding on one’s place in the universe; the question where do I belong is there.

Sometimes you’ll ask yourself where your place is;

sometimes you’ll be awestruck

and other times you’ll be running late.

Laughing to a Safe Place

So… … … I laugh at your sabotage, your insistent self serving obstruction, your willingness to destroy; I laugh at you. The ineptitude displayed during your campaign of… … well whatever you call what you’ve been doing is astounding and would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so permanent. The opportunities missed, the forced mistakes, and the robot like attention to “being human” is concerning to say the least; yet, I laugh at you. It’s required, the laughing; the alternative is a frustrating death sentence. A caricature of a character; a character who has no soul, because the character is make believe… made up.

I laugh at you; it’s really more of a smirk… to myself.

A Rip in Fabric

A hole existing where a hole has no place; beginning this moments existential crisis. At a different time, it was said; “another will not replace you.” The words were spoken; now at this point the lie is to one’s self or coexistence with the hole is necessary. Necessary or not, this hole is caving in and an exit strategy must be implemented.

It’s not that big of a hole and it’s far easier dealing with the hole than no hole at all. Even if it is a bottomless pit of compromised ideals with broken promises, shattered dreams, and mutalated flesh; it’s still a hole.

Apparently we all must have holes for some reason. Searching for a better hole, creating a better hole.

Morphed Perspectives

The landscape is shifting and the ground that creates our shared reality is far from settling. We live in turbulent times; all times have been turbulent, the entire history of us is turbulent, we would get bored with a calm journey and we really do relish those turbulent moments.

Hold on to those you love a little longer; what’s the worst that could happen?

by Mikhael Ro