Until August

We don’t have long, the alternative has a head start; grab your snorkel. 

One last push, nudging us closer to a time of deep reflection; clouded by failing memory. We did not arrive at this reality​ by chance; careful planning and design led us to our today. 

Why are we still playing their game?

A revolt; NO, by definition the insurgents revolted and needed to be suppressed.

Mutiny; NO, again this puts us on the opposite side of “proper” authority.

Pitchforks and torches? Hmm…? NO, an angry mob equipped with sharp pointy oversized forks and fire isn’t necessary or advised.

Here’s the thing; we are not the ones that must be removed. The mutiny has already happened, the revolt occurred, folks used forks at a gathering here or a dinner there. An entire generation duped, just like the generations before; fell into the trap laid by their elders. With apathy built-in the experiment is sure to fail just as it was designed.

A new day is rising, a new center of gravity is emerging out of the lunacy we call the modern age; we are at the forefront.

This is your warning.

Any Everything

It’s safe to say; “back in my day,” because the reality We have created for ourselves is quite removed from the realities that came before. Our present day reality rhymes with events of our past, but are unique to our time. We have the ability to create anything; the issue being anything in all its anythingness is pretty vague. You can be anything when you grow up; did you know that anything includes the practice of Equine Dentistry? You could be a horse dentist, but only if you knew horses needed dentists. Not a single person said “you can make millions, playing videogames,” until someone started making millions of dollars playing video games. Anything can be anything, and your anything is vastly different than someone else’s anything. 

Good luck finding your anything, it’s everything.

God is One; Wise Men Give Different Names.

Hindu Temple of Florida,Tampa, is a Hindu temple and cultural center in Tampa, Florida. Construction began in 1996 and has been built and maintained by humble devotees, the temple serves as a prayer and meditation center, for Tampa Bay dwellers.

Hindu Temple of Florida http://www.htfl.org/

Photo by Mikhael Ro.